Improving business efficiency: Bridging the gap in software integration solutions.


With bespoke software development, IT integration services strive to establish a secure, dependable, and efficient framework that bolsters all business activities on the web. Bridging the gap between current and emerging software, incorporating new partners into the IT infrastructure, harmonising diverse platforms, among others, stand as the core challenges of integration endeavors.

Verum delivers software integration solutions designed to amplify your business's performance and scalability while maintaining system coherence. Dive deeper into the integration services we offer and let's chart the path to your integration triumph.

Types of property integrations

Rental software integration

With Renti, we bridge the gap between landlords and tenants, ensuring smooth rental processes. Our API integrations make sure that property listings, tenant details, and rental agreements are synchronised in real-time.

Property management software integration

Tools like MRI Palace, PropertySuite, and PropertyMe are essential for property managers. Our integrations guarantee that property listings, tenant details, and financial transactions are streamlined across platforms.

Property maintenance software integration

Maintenance requests and property upkeep are simplified with Tapi. Our integration ensures that maintenance schedules, contractor details, and property inspections are coordinated efficiently.

Real estate software integration

With VaultRE and Inspectrealestate, we make certain that property listings, client details, and transaction records are synchronised, providing realtors with up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Types of healthcare integrations

Patient care and management are of paramount importance in the healthcare sector.

Patient management systems integration

Tools like Cliniko and MyPractice are vital for healthcare providers. Our integrations ensure patient records, appointment schedules, and billing details are harmonised across platforms.

Scheduling tools integration

Appointment scheduling is made effortless with tools like Acuity Scheduling, Timely, and Calendly. Our integrations guarantee that doctors, patients, and healthcare providers are on the same page, reducing scheduling conflicts and improving patient care.

Types of eCommerce integrations

The eCommerce sector thrives on customer satisfaction and efficient operations.

Stock management / shipping / fulfilment integration

We can be certain that inventory levels, shipping schedules, and order fulfillments are synchronised, reducing delays and amplifying customer satisfaction.

Google integration

Customer reviews drive eCommerce. Our integration with Google ensures that customer feedback is captured effectively, driving improvements and building trust.

Payment Gateways Integration

Seamless transactions are guaranteed with payment gateways like Stripe, Wind Cave, and POLI. Our integrations ensure secure and efficient payment processes, upgrading the shopping experience.

Marketing/CRM integration

Effective marketing thrives on data and customer relationships.

Hubspot integration

We ensure that customer data, marketing campaigns, and sales funnels are synchronised, driving effective marketing strategies.

Ortto integration

Customer reviews drive eCommerce. Our integration with Google makes certain that customer feedback is captured effectively, driving improvements and building trust.

Zendesk and Chatbot integration

Customer support is improved with Zendesk and chatbot integrations. We guarantee that customer queries, support tickets, and chatbot interactions are coordinated efficiently.

Accounting integration

Financial management is the backbone of any business.

Xero integration

We guarantee that financial transactions, invoices, and balance sheets are synchronised, providing businesses with real-time financial insights.

MYOB integration

With MYOB, we ensure that payroll, taxation, and financial reporting are streamlined, driving efficient financial management.

Integration / Middleware questions?
What is website integration?

Website integration happens when your website exchanges data with another site or app. Instead of your website acting as a standalone platform that doesn't interact with others, it can connect and collaborate with different systems, offering time savings and other advantages.

How to integrate a CRM with a website?

To integrate a CRM system with a website you must enable APIs tailored for certain systems like ERP, customer and billing systems, and unique databases like third-party payment processors. Process APIs serve as the next level, merging system APIs for a dedicated business objective.

What is email integration in website?

Email integration involves linking an email service with other software tools like customer relationship management systems (CRMs), billing and payment solutions, and marketing automation systems.

Why is website integration important?

Reduction in  manual data input, storage and maintenance. When business systems are fully integrated, they interact seamlessly. This means there's no need to manually move data between systems. This not only makes processes faster but also reduces the chances of mistakes.