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Unlock your business's full potential with custom software solutions designed just for you. At Verum, our developers craft innovative SaaS applications tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking for new software, an audit of your current system, or an upgrade, we're here to help.

<h2>Verum's Tailored SaaS Solutions: Elevate Your Business, Innovate Your Workflow.</h2>

Discover the transformative power of software that's in perfect harmony with your business goals. Whether it's an enterprise-level system to boost efficiency or specialized software for specific departments, we cater to a wide range of business needs. Our pride lies in developing business management software that fits seamlessly into your processes and data structures, giving you a competitive edge.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Verum. We harness the power of open-source software to offer affordable and scalable solutions. As a leading name in software development, we're adept at mobile app development, ensuring your team and customers stay connected on the move. Level up your business in this digital age with our bespoke software services.

Why Choose Verum for Software Development?

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Our relentless pursuit of growth and our finger on the pulse of industry trends empower us to offer mobile software solutions that keep businesses ahead of the curve. By collaborating with Verum, you'll experience firsthand the dedication of a team that's passionate about delivering software excellence, propelling your business forward.

Progressive Web Apps

When launched from a user’s home screen, service workers ensure that the app loads instantly, irrespective of network connectivity or reliability.

iOS / Android Native App Development

Apps are a fantastic way to create engaging experiences with your customers and can be an effective marketing tool that can add immense value to your customers.

Bespoke Integrations / Middleware

If you are constantly doing manual data entry or moving information from one system to another, a lot of these time-consuming tasks can be automated.

Our Bespoke Development Process.

We plan.

This is the initial stage of website development where the project scope, goals and objectives, target audience, and budget are defined. In this stage, the developer will gather all the necessary information about the project, such as the branding, the industry they operate in, and the target audience.

We design & develop.

This stage involves designing and creating the website. The design process includes creating a visual layout for the website; the use of colors, typography, and imagery. Then, the developer will use various technologies such as Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, and programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, or Python to build the website and integrate its functionality.

We test & deploy.

Once the website is developed, it goes through a testing phase to ensure that all the features and functionality work correctly, and that the website is free of errors. This stage also includes testing the website's responsiveness and compatibility with different browsers and devices. Once the website has passed all testing, it is deployed to a live server for users to access.

Bespoke Dev. questions?
What is custom software development?

Custom software development is the process of creating a distinct software solution tailored to address a particular challenge. Generally, this development journey encompasses several phases, from initial research and design to development, testing, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Why is custom software development important?

With the rise of different softwares, technologies and increasing customer expectations, businesses need to be innovative to remain relevant and competitive.

One significant advantage of custom software development is its adaptability and alignment with your business's unique requirements. It offers the agility to scale and customise based on specific needs, whereas generic, ready-made software might fall short in efficiency or suitability. With these considerations, let's delve deeper to understand why tailored software development could be the optimal choice for your enterprise.

Why should a business use custom software development?

Custom software has a different purpose for every business. Ultimately, this type of software development offers your business the adaptability to scale and customise based on your unique requirements. If standard software doesn't fit your company's specific needs or demanding client requests, then creating your own software is the answer.

Simply, if there's no existing software that works for you, you'll need to make one. Using custom software can offer long-term benefits that can change how you see success.

The benefits range from better efficiency to constant customer support and more.

Tackle challenges that generic software can't

Stand out with solutions crafted exclusively for your business. Don't compromise with one-size-fits-all software. Our experts design systems centred around your specific needs, cutting out the fluff and focusing on what's essential.

Turn your vision into a valuable solution

Bring your innovative ideas to life with our results-driven approach. Whether you're kickstarting a business or introducing a fresh concept, our team ensures your vision is built on solid tech foundations, scalable, and budget-friendly.

Stay in step with your growing business by updating your tech

Step into the future by updating and evolving your tech stack. From user-friendly mobile apps to complex transactional systems, we love tackling digital transformation. Our integration process ensures harmony with your existing tech landscape, guaranteeing optimal results.

Cloud development vs. Traditional software development

Cloud and traditional software development have distinct methodologies. While traditional development leans on local servers or specific hardware, cloud development leverages online cloud platforms. The cloud offers easy scalability, swift deployment, and a cost-friendly pay-as-you-go model. On the other hand, traditional methods can involve manual scaling, a more hands-on deployment process, and steeper initial hardware costs.

The importance of a software development audit

A software development audit is an in-depth review of the processes, strategies, and practices in a software project. Our developers meticulously evaluate to pinpoint strengths, areas of concern, and potential enhancements in your software development cycle. This thorough analysis ensures alignment with industry standards and quality benchmarks.

By undergoing a software development audit, we streamline resources, boost efficiency, and reduce potential pitfalls. This culminates in delivering top-notch software solutions aligned with your business goals. You can rely on us for insights that position your organisation for software development success.

SaaS development

The SaaS industry is witnessing an 18% annual growth rate, positioning it as the leading market for startups offering cloud-based services to enterprises and individual users.

Saas development involves creating new applications that are stored on the cloud and accessed via the internet, typically following a subscription model. Verum is primed to provide intricate and dependable SaaS solutions. Additionally, we're committed to maintaining the consistent performance and ongoing enhancements of your current SaaS offerings.