Verum's Native App Journey: Where Modern Tech Meets Mobile Artistry

Crafting responsive apps for smartphones and tablets, tailored for iOS and Android.

Native app development involves creating mobile applications specifically tailored to a particular platform, like iOS or Android. These apps provide higher user engagement and better performance than hybrid apps or web-based alternatives. Native apps have access to device hardware and capabilities, enabling a richer user experience and seamless integration of app features. They must be downloaded from platform-specific app stores and are built using programming languages like these are a bit outdated - the technologies we use include MongoDB, React, NestJS, NextJs, HTML, CSS, SQL, PostGRESQL and Javascript.

By leveraging the platform's native capabilities, native apps deliver exceptional user experiences and are optimised for each operating system's unique design and features.

Mobile app development and software development are two distinct but interconnected disciplines in the world of technology. Mobile app development focuses specifically on creating applications that run on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It involves designing and building user-friendly and responsive apps for various platforms like iOS and Android. Mobile app development requires expertise in mobile-specific technologies, user interface (UI) design, and considerations for optimising performance on limited hardware resources.

On the other hand, software development encompasses a broader scope, involving the creation of applications that can run on different platforms, including desktop computers, servers, and web browsers. Software development typically involves a wider range of technologies and languages suited to the specific platform and use case. It may include web development for creating web applications, desktop application development, and backend server development for managing data and processing tasks. While mobile app development is a subset of software development, software development encompasses a more diverse range of applications and platforms.

Our iOS / Android Native App Development services

Strategic Planning & Roadmap Creation

We help you shape your app concept into a well-defined strategy and roadmap. Our experts conduct in-depth market research, competitor analysis, and user profiling to ensure your app aligns with your business goals and user needs. The result is a clear blueprint for a successful app journey.

Creative App Design & Prototyping

Transform your app idea into a visually captivating and user-friendly design. Our skilled designers create wireframes and interactive prototypes to give you a glimpse of the final product. With a focus on user experience (UX) and seamless navigation, our designs enhance app functionality and aesthetics.

Efficient App Development Process

Our app development process combines cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies. Our experienced developers turn your design into a fully functional app, providing regular updates and progress reports. With a strong focus on efficiency, we deliver high-quality apps within the agreed timelines.

Thorough User Testing

We subject your app to rigorous user testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and usability. Our testers identify potential issues and gather valuable feedback to refine the app further. By fine-tuning user interactions, we ensure an intuitive and glitch-free user experience.

Management & Quality Control

Our dedicated team manages every aspect of the app development, from project planning to execution. We maintain strict quality control measures, conducting thorough checks at every stage. With constant communication, we keep you informed, ensuring your project progresses smoothly and meets all expectations.

App Support after Launch

Our support doesn't end with the app launch. We provide ongoing maintenance, updates, and enhancements to keep your app running smoothly. We continuously monitor performance and user feedback, promptly addressing any issues that may arise. Our comprehensive support ensures your app stays ahead in the competitive market.

Native App Development questions?
Will PWA replace native apps?

PWAs are starting to take the place of native mobile apps in certain sectors, like video streaming services that don't require intricate user interfaces. Yet, it's crucial to recognise that there's still ample scope for enhancement moving forward.

What is the difference between PWA and native apps?

PWAs can be effortlessly added to a user's home screen, offering swift access without navigating through an app store. In contrast, native apps are designed explicitly for specific platforms like iOS or Android.

Should I develop a progressive web app or native?

Deciding whether to develop a progressive web app (PWA) or native ultimately lies in your overall business model and objectives. PWAs can be accessed on any device with an internet browser, making them more versatile than native apps. Native apps are restricted to specific platforms and necessitate a download and installation process. Consequently, PWAs have the potential to engage a broader user base than native apps.