Visualise your ideas: Verum's 3D Modeling and Rendering Services


We provide 3D rendering designs for your product or furniture ideas in stunning high definition. From sofa designs to light fittings, we help you visualise the finished product. Our CGI tools and architectural rendering software make it feasible to produce your furniture visuals staged in a room scenario.

Eliminate the property development guesswork and provide prospective buyers with a photorealistic CGI image of their investments. Our 3D exterior rendering company utilizes the most up-to-date technology to show property developers accurate depictions of interior and exterior spaces before they are built.

With over a decade of experience in architectural design, we have evolved into industry leaders in 3D visualisation, CGI, and animation for marketing property, commercial, and consumer products for interior and exterior designs. We pride ourselves on our customer service and creating premium CGI at a competitive price.

We transform an idea into a visceral space for developers to explore. We create virtual reality interiors and exteriors during the design stage to bring your project to life. Whether it's a 3D walkthrough or a 3D flyover animation, our clients can expect an experience that rivals that of quantitative nature.

Our team works under the same roof to transform images of a vacant property into a beautifully dressed final photograph. The perfect solution for showcasing the potential of a building or room to prospective buyers; our CGI team matches the colour and lighting to the original image resulting in astonishing, professional images. This service is available for both commercial and domestic buildings to bring once-vacant spaces to life.

We turn designs from interior designers into stunning CGI images by applying 3D models to formulate a 3D interior scene. If you want to communicate an interior space to potential clients, we can transform your interior designs into life-like interior renderings. Our team creates spectacular photo-realistic interior CGI images, complete with the perfect interior details to beautifully describe interior features. Team up with us to make your marketing campaign a success.

Architectural 3D Visualisation

We do the heavy lifting by creating CGI from basic plans and specifications. No plan is out of reach! With our 3D rendering software, we accurately depict detail and textures to transform an average-looking 2D plan into a pixel-perfect, computer-generated image that is sure to attract investors.

3D Modelling questions?
What is 3D modelling used for?

3D modelling involves crafting digital representations of objects, which can depict scenery, characters, and props. While many animated films rely on 3D software, its applications aren't limited to just animation. The technique is also essential for creating special effects in movies and various other applications.

3D models are objects crafted in a digital environment, and they play a pivotal role across various sectors. Industries like film, television, video games, architecture, construction, product design, science, and medicine leverage these models for visualisation, simulation, and graphic representation.

What is 3D rendering used for?

3D rendering is a technique in computer graphics that transforms three-dimensional data into a realistic or stylized image. It involves working with 3D models, which are digital representations of objects crafted in software or captured via 3D scanning.