Amplify your business aesthetics with our photography services.


In the realm of effective visual communication, remarkable product shots and an impressive Instagram presence are just the surface of a vast iceberg. In today's digital age, the significance of visual content cannot be overstated. As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words," and it holds true.

We know that using high quality, attention grabbing photographs results in higher engagements rates for articles and press releases, which leads to a greater number of inquiries.

The art of good photography goes beyond mere visuals; it enables you to convey a compelling narrative and share far more than text alone ever could. With emotional appeal and lasting impact, captivating photographs hold the viewer's attention and leave a memorable impression, making them a crucial asset in today's visually-driven world.

At Verum, our professional photographers take pride in offering comprehensive in-house photography services tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you prefer a professional studio shoot or an on-location session at your business premises, our skilled media team is here to deliver exceptional results.

During our initial meeting, we delve deep into the pre-production process, focusing on your brand's essence. Understanding your key messages, tone of voice, and marketing objectives, we ensure that the project aligns seamlessly with your brand identity. Our  approach guarantees that every photoshoot reflects your brand's personality and clearly communicates your vision.

We combine strategy, planning, and creativity in our initial meeting to understand your brand essence and determine the best aesthetic representation. We discuss and secure locations, equipment, and personnel for the production phase. Our photographers capture stunning images on-location or custom sets based on your requirements. Post-shoot, our team retouches, edits, and perfects the shots. Throughout the process, we collaborate closely with you to deliver a final product that precisely aligns with your brand's needs.

Photography questions?
What is branding photography?

Brand photography encompasses custom images that depict companies and establish distinct visual identities for branding purposes. This covers product pictures, company logos, team portraits, images for social media and blogs, and any photos used in digital or print formats, provided they're exclusive to your brand.

Why is photography important to a company?

People relate best to other people. Displaying real images and videos of your team and workspace offers customers an insight into who you are, building a connection even before a face-to-face meeting. This genuine approach is crucial, especially in fields like finance and medicine where trust is paramount. While stock images are convenient, they don't reflect the true essence of your business, making them less authentic in the eyes of your customers.

Why are visual elements important in your brand strategy?

Visual branding stands out as a crucial element in a business's marketing strategy. A memorable logo and cohesive branding can reinforce your company's identity in customers' minds. Moreover, a polished look can magnify trustworthiness, making customers more inclined to rely on your business.

Can we request a specific style of photography for our project?

Absolutely! We understand that each client has unique preferences. We'll work closely with you to understand your vision and tailor our photography style to match your requirements.

What are the benefits of using visuals in marketing?

Any type of visuals play a pivotal role in marketing as it creates a physical relationship between the viewer and the marketed product or service, while at the same time potentially conveying a message. Incorporating visuals in marketing strategies offers several advantages: they grab attention, facilitate rapid communication, and strengthen the relationship between the viewer and the product or service showcased.

Do you provide photo retouching and editing services?

Yes, we offer professional photo retouching and editing services to amplify the quality of your images. From colour correction to removing imperfections, we ensure your photos look their best.

How long does it take to receive the edited photos?

The turnaround time for edited photos depends on the complexity of the project. We strive to deliver high-quality results promptly and will provide you with an estimated timeline during the initial consultation.

What equipment do you use for your photography projects?

Our photographers use top-of-the-line professional equipment, including high-resolution cameras, various lenses, lighting setups, and accessories to ensure the best possible results.

What is your pricing structure for photography services?

Our pricing varies based on the type of photography service and the specific requirements of your project. We offer competitive rates and can provide you with a customised quote after understanding your needs.

Can we see examples of your previous work?

Certainly. We have a portfolio section on our website showcasing a selection of our past projects. This will give you an idea of our photography style and the quality of our work.

How do we book your photography services?

To book our photography services, simply reach out to us via phone, email, or the contact form on our website. We'll get back to you promptly to discuss your project and provide further details.