Cannabis Clinic

Cannabis Clinic Treatment Plan App - Development

Client Overview

Cannabis Clinic, a trailblazing specialist clinic, is dedicated to revolutionising healthcare by offering accessible and personalised medical cannabis treatments to patients in need. With a goal to improve patient care and streamline the treatment planning process, Cannabis Clinic joined forces with Verum to develop a state-of-the-art 'Treatment Plan App'. This app was designed to empower doctors, simplify medication selection, and provide clients with a seamless way to access their prescribed medications.


Cannabis Clinic encountered several challenges in their quest to provide clients with medical cannabis treatments:

Efficient Treatment Planning: The intricacy of medical cannabis treatments necessitated an efficient platform for doctors to create personalised treatment plans for each patient.

Patient Accessibility: Clients required a user-friendly way to receive and order their prescribed medications, ensuring they could easily access their treatments.

Streamlining Doctor Workflow: Physicians needed a streamlined digital solution to search and select appropriate medications from the clinic's database, enabling them to efficiently create treatment plans.

Our Solution

Verum's digital software development team worked closely with Cannabis Clinic to develop the 'Treatment Plan App' to address these challenges:

Doctor-Centric Design: We created an intuitive app interface tailored to the needs of doctors. Physicians could securely log in, access the clinic's patient database, and seamlessly create personalised treatment plans by selecting suitable medications.

Medication Catalog: The app featured a comprehensive medication catalog with details about various medicinal cannabinoids available at the clinic. This enabled doctors to make informed decisions when selecting medications for each patient's treatment plan.

Patient Empowerment: Once a treatment plan was finalised, the app automatically generated an email notification to the patient. The patient could access their prescribed medications, view treatment details, and conveniently add all items to their cart in a single click.

Security and Privacy: We prioritised the security and privacy of patient data, implementing robust encryption and authentication measures to ensure the app's compliance with medical data protection regulations.

Results and Impact

The Treatment Plan App developed in collaboration with Cannabis Clinic yielded transformative results:

Enhanced Patient Experience: The app empowered clients to receive their treatment plans directly in their inbox, enabling them to easily understand and access their prescribed medications.

Streamlined Doctor Workflow: Physicians benefited from an intuitive platform that simplified the treatment planning process, enabling them to allocate more time to patient care.

Accurate Treatment Plans: The app's medication catalog and dosage customisation ensured precise treatment plans tailored to each patient's needs, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Increased Accessibility: By bridging the gap between doctors and clients, the app facilitated seamless communication and enhanced patient access to prescribed medications.


The partnership between Cannabis Clinic and Verum highlights the crucial role technology plays in healthcare innovation. By creating the Treatment Plan App, Cannabis Clinic has not only advanced their commitment to accessible medical cannabis care but also demonstrated how technology can streamline doctor-patient interactions. As a dedicated partner in this endeavor, Verum is honored to have contributed to Cannabis Clinic's mission of improving patient care, fostering patient empowerment, and revolutionising the medical cannabis landscape.