Website Redesign: Oxygen Property Management

Client Overview

Oxygen Property Management, a key player in the property management and body corporate sector in Wellington and Hawkes Bay, is dedicated to providing tailored services for both landlords and tenants. Keen to revolutionise property management and enhance the online experience, Oxygen teamed up with our web development team to create a cutting-edge website. This new site seamlessly combines property listings, streamlines operations for landlords and tenants, and adds fresh features to engage users more effectively.


Oxygen Property Management faced several obstacles that required advanced technological solutions:

  • Consolidated Property Listings: Oxygen needed a system that could smoothly incorporate property listings from their Palace property management software and provide easy access to Renti for tenant convenience.
  • User Engagement: The goal was to build a customer-oriented website that was easy to navigate, showcased property details clearly, and encouraged user interaction.
  • Review Integration: Oxygen wanted to leverage positive customer reviews by finding an efficient way to display Google and Trustpilot reviews on the website, boosting their credibility.
  • Event Promotion: With regular events being part of their activities, Oxygen required integration with Eventbrite to pull event information and enable easy registration.
  • E-commerce Capability: The site needed a dedicated area for Body Corporate agreements and nondisclosure statements, allowing customers to make purchases and payments online.

Our Solution

Our web development team closely collaborated with Oxygen Property Management to tailor a website that tackled these challenges effectively:

  • Consolidated Property Listings: We seamlessly integrated property listings from Palace into the website, improving property visibility and making it easier for potential tenants to browse available properties.
  • Intuitive User Experience: The website's design focused on user experience, featuring an easy-to-use layout that highlighted property specifics, amenities, and contact info.
  • Review Showcase: We incorporated Google and Trustpilot reviews directly on the site, enhancing Oxygen's credibility and fostering trust with potential clients.
  • Event Promotion: Through Eventbrite integration, the website now displays upcoming events organised by Oxygen, detailing events and simplifying the registration process.
  • E-commerce Functionality: We built a secure e-commerce section for the Body Corporate segment, allowing customers to easily purchase nondisclosure statements and agreements online, with payments processed via the Wind Cave payment gateway.

Results and Impact

The collaborative efforts between Oxygen Property Management and our web development team produced significant outcomes:

  • Enhanced Property Visibility: Integrated listings and Renti links offered a smoother browsing experience for potential tenants, leading to more property inquiries and engagement.
  • Improved User Engagement: The user-friendly website design and features motivated visitors to delve into property details and take action, boosting customer interaction.
  • Credibility Boost: Showcasing Google and Trustpilot reviews on the website strengthened Oxygen's standing and trust within the industry.
  • Efficient Event Promotion: Eventbrite integration made promoting events simpler, helping Oxygen attract attendees and streamline event registrations.
  • Streamlined Transactions: The e-commerce functionality for Body Corporate disclosure document requests / workflow enabled customers to conveniently buy essential documents and conduct transactions online, increasing efficiency for all involved.

By developing a feature-rich and user-centric website, Oxygen has not only improved customer engagement and experience but also demonstrated their commitment to innovation and customer service. As their trusted technology partner, we are proud to have played a part in Oxygen Property Management's success story, assisting them in delivering exceptional services to landlords and tenants in Wellington.