Oxygen Property Management: Technical SEO

Oxygen is a leading property management company based in Wellington. Despite their strong local presence and top-tier services, they had limited visibility in organic search and were not converting well across existing website visitors.

The Challenge

Oxygen's main challenge was their limited number of visitors from organic search, as well as the total number of enquiries across all channels.

Our Approach

A full SEO website audit identified fundamental technical SEO issues across crawlability & indexability, landing page redirects, meta data and schema markup. To address these issues, we provided actionable tasks for our developers to then implement within the backend of the CMS. After 3 months, we addressed all technical elements, laying a solid foundation for the nextphases of our SEO strategy.

The Outcome

By the second quarter of 2023, our SEO efforts achieved:

  • Keyword Performance: 41% increase in total keyword rankings and, 221% increase in page 1 keyword rankings.
  • Engagement Rate: 26% increase across all users
  • Non-brand Clicks: 134% increase
  • Impressions: 50% increase
  • Tracked Conversions: 218% increase across all tracked conversions

Data Sources: SEMrush, Google Analytics 4, and Google Search Console