Oxygen's Rebrand Ignites a New Era of Modern Property Management

Rebranding Oxygen

Property Management

Oxygen just got a makeover, and life just got better. It's not just any change—it's a game-changer in property management. We've spruced up our look, introduced vibrant new colours, and sharpened our focus to mix the best of the old with the new.

It's all about making homes and communities pop with life and colour. With our fresh style and modern approach, we're ready to make a big splash in the property world. Get ready to see real estate in a whole new light.

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The client

Oxygen started with one goal: to help Kiwis find financial freedom through property investment. They've become a key partner for thousands in New Zealand, helping manage rentals and boost investment returns. Even as laws and tech change, Oxygen's focus doesn't waver—they're all about empowering Kiwis to make smart property investments.

From our view, their dedication is inspiring. They're not just managing properties; they're helping people build secure financial futures, one investment at a time.

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The story

Collaborating with Oxygen offered a refreshing opportunity to embody their core philosophy of prioritising people in their brand's transformation. Our engagement began with immersive branding workshops, inclusively drawing insights from every member of the Oxygen team. This collective approach facilitated a decision that authentically represented their ethos.

The initial red colour scheme, while striking, did not fully convey the essence of "oxygen" — a symbol of freshness and vitality. Our strategic shift to a new colour palette not only aligned with their values but also inspired the creation of the slogan "life just got better," encapsulating the brand's rejuvenated identity.

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The result

Our rebranding initiative extended beyond visual aesthetics, touching every aspect of the company's branding elements, from office stationery to vehicular and building signage, ensuring a cohesive and vibrant brand experience.

The project's pinnacle was the development of a bespoke website tailored to Oxygen's specific requirements, integrated seamlessly to enhance user engagement. Our partnership progressed to encompass targeted marketing strategies, amplifying their presence in the digital landscape.

Our collaboration with Oxygen has been an enriching journey, marked by a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. It's been an honor to aid in the evolution of their brand, reinforcing their mission to deliver people-first property management solutions with a renewed and dynamic brand identity.


Here are snapshots showcasing Oxygen's brand and website before our comprehensive rebranding efforts.

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Discover the refreshed look of Oxygen's website and brand through snapshots taken after our collaboration.

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