January 13, 2022

12 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends

Here are the top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 that you can incorporate into your marketing plans and digital marketing campaigns.

Meta is everywhere

We all know by now that Facebook changed its name to Meta. Though creating a name for the parent company is logical, the choice is what matters.

Facebook is getting big on the Metaverse, a term used for virtual and augmented experiences. Which is a big bet on the future of the web.

Recommendation: Therefore, Marketers should leverage the Metaverse and seek for opportunities for their business in this space.

Influencers are continuing to grow (even for B2B)

It’s said that influencer marketing is estimated to reach $13.8 billion in 2021 and is likely to continue growing. Influencer campaigns inherently provide context, relatability, and relevance since the influencer is endorsing the product.

B2B brands like Adobe, SAP, GE, and PWC have harnessed this trend, where they are continuing to embrace influencers.

Recommendation: Hence, Marketers should incorporate the use of influencers in their space for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Marketers should get more strategic

With the use of automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning decreasing a large chunk of the grunt work associated with digital marketing. It makes it even more critical for Marketers to think strategically. Additionally, the options within digital marketing continue to grow heavily.

Recommendation: Therefore, Marketers must challenge themselves to think strategically to focus on what truly drives the growth of their business.

Privacy is challenging Advertising

Modern digital ads are increasingly reliant on data to optimise automatically. The data used in artificial intelligence has decreased due to new privacy regulations like the iOS update and the pending removal of cookies.

Recommendation: Marketers should analyse and assess the impact this will have on their advertising and be proactive.

LinkedIn is growing massively

Within the digital space, LinkedIn continues to be a rising star. For instance, the number of monthly active users and engagements on the social media platform is considerably growing each month.

Additionally, they also continue to launch new features to drive better results for businesses and pages.

Recommendation: Marketers should utilise LinkedIn heavily.

SEO is less game and more integrated

As search algorithms have continuously become more intelligent and more contextual. Due to this, Marketers need to focus less on the “hacks” and “tricks” of SEO and more on providing an outstanding and meaningful experience to their users.

Recommendation: Marketers should focus more on excellent user experience and less on SEO.

Experiences are the new social currency

Businesses still clamour to drive word-of-mouth and earn social attention. As the advertising landscape becomes noisier, earned media and word-of-mouth become critical to breakthrough.

Recommendation: With that said, Marketers should focus on creating experiences at every stage of their interactions with customers to earn social media word-of-mouth.

The number of digital jobs is increasing

According to LinkedIn, digital skills are the most in-demand. There is still a significant skill gap persistent between the number of businesses searching for digital skills and the skills present in the marketplace.

Recommendation: To stay relevant, Marketers should consistently up-skill, and leaders should have digital up-skill plans for their organisation. New Zealand Institute of Education (NZIE) provide great online professional short courses such as Social Media Strategy and SEO that can help you level up and learn new in-demand skills within the Digital Marketing Industry. Find out more here: https://nzie.ac.nz/short-courses/

Facebook (Meta) isn’t going anywhere

There are many headlines stating people are leaving Facebook. Though the truth is that Facebook (Meta) isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. For instance, Facebook has almost 3 billion users, and the number of users is growing substantially every month.

Recommendation: Marketers should continue to use Facebook (Meta) and assume it will continue innovating and dominating.

Websites are getting faster

Most website traffic is coming from mobile. However, many websites still don’t provide fully mobile-optimised experiences for their users.

With Google’s launch of the Core Web Vitals site design, the speed of websites will become heavily more important.

Recommendation: As a result, Marketers must ensure their website is optimised.

Everything is becoming algorithm-driven

Every aspect of digital marketing, whether it may be social media newsfeeds, display ads, social media ads, search engine optimisation and even email marketing – is becoming algorithm-driven. The algorithms all optimise for the same essential thing: user experience.

Recommendation: Hence, Marketers should provide quality user experiences that customers and clients want, or their content will be less visible.

Less is more

The explosion of digital marketing options means many businesses are spread too thin across too many channels. Smart companies focus on dominating one social media channel.

Recommendation: Consequently, Marketers should focus more on the channels that best provide effective results and aim to do fewer things better.

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