0800 Setup & Call Tracking: Kiwi insights, Verum precision.


With Verum's website call tracking setup, your business will have key insights into every call your team makes with potential customers.

Verum's toll-free solutions cater to diverse business needs. Regardless of your scale or requirements, we can craft a fitting solution for you.

Make toll-free work easy and efficient with our 0800 business phone number setup. With an 0800 number, customers can reach out from any part of NZ without fretting over call charges. We also offer international options, ensuring you stay connected with global customers.

Time-Based Routing

Direct calls to varied destinations depending on the time or day the call is initiated.


NZ clients can reach you from nearly any location in NZ without stressing over call expenses.

Adaptability and Analytics

Switch your target number (including to Australia) without any charges, almost instantly, whether relocating or transitioning to a remote workspace. Online metrics provide insights into your toll-free number's performance and business origins.


Benefit from a swift setup and make on-the-fly adjustments to your target numbers. Manage features like Time-Based Routing and Hunt Groups effortlessly through the self-service portal.

Businesses can integrate call tracking software onto their websites to store details about incoming phone calls, and in certain regions, even the conversation itself. This technology supports business models like pay-per-call, pay-per-minute, or pay-per-lead, linking phone call data with performance-driven advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, SEO Services, and Display.

This software can also provide deeper insights into the nature of the calls. Call tracking serves as a performance metric for both advertising campaigns and staff efficiency. Essentially, it's the telephonic counterpart to conversion tracking used online. Through various channels, both methods allow for precise attribution of customer reactions to a specific advertising medium.

Call Tracking services

Uncover the channels driving calls and revenue, and optimise each discussion to amplify your marketing influence.

Secure more prospects

Enhance your lead acquisition by pinpointing the online and offline campaigns that prompt calls.

Enhance site conversions by monitoring the pages and sources callers originate from.

Elevate your OOC & SEO approach

Refine strategies across Google adwords and SEO by identifying keywords that lead to calls and examining conversations for emerging patterns.

Achieve more with less outlay

Identify untapped revenue potentials and determine areas to reduce unnecessary expenses.

What our Call Tracking software provide?

The phone call tracking system collects these details:

  • The calling number
  • The origin location of incoming calls
  • The trigger for your calls (pinpoints campaigns, keywords, or ads responsible)
  • The timestamp and length of received calls
  • The total count of calls to your business.
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0800 / Call Tracking questions?
What is a Call Tracking system?

Call tracking is a system that captures and stores details from incoming calls. This allows marketers to discern who's reaching out and pinpoint the marketing strategies prompting those calls.

Why do companies need Call Tracking?

Website call tracking is needed by companies as it enables them to monitor and assess phone calls between customers and clients. This aids in refining marketing tactics and enhancing customer interactions since you will understand how they found your number, where they are calling from - refining your sales strategy.

Are 0800 numbers good for business?

Besides being cost-free for customers, an 0800 number enhances your business's professionalism and trustworthiness. Customers often view a business with an 0800 number as having a level of authority and certification.