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From TikTok content to Instagram and Facebook Reels, short videos are your ticket to heightened visibility and impactful results.

Our videographers are excellent in shooting and editing captivating short-form video content that doesn't just draw in your audience, but leaves a long lasting impression of your brand.

We equip you with all the essentials to shoot your videos. Post filming, our team takes over the editing and publishing across your chosen platforms. We encourage clients to be the face of their videos, as genuine brand representation resonates with social media audiences. 

Once you hand over the footage, we tailor it to perfection, ensuring it's primed for the platform it graces.

In essence, we craft videos that captivate viewers... from start to finish.

Video remains the most compelling medium to convey your narrative, and bringing your tale to life with captivating visuals is our prime focus.

As a renowned name amongst video production firms in London, our seasoned team manages every aspect for you - from brainstorming concepts to post-production and animation. Expect unparalleled expertise, inventive solutions, and hands-on guidance at every juncture.

When you aim for videos that resonate and leave a mark, count on us to harness the unmatched potential of the video medium for you.

Video production service

As an expert video services provider, our videography services stand out in the industry. Based in Auckland, our video production services Auckland team ensures top-tier results. Choose us as your video creation company and witness the excellence of our video production service firsthand. Elevate your brand with our visual storytelling prowess.

Distinguished for crafting impactful short film content, we stand out in the Auckland video creation landscape. Leveraging cutting-edge production methodologies and equipment, we masterfully produce top-tier advertisements, brand showcases, detailed explainer videos, and smooth animations.

Eager to harness the potential of TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and other video-centric social platforms? Seize the moment to establish your dominance, drive more traffic, and boost leads and sales. 

Our team is ready to strategise, refine, enhance, release, and oversee all your short form video advertising, ensuring sustained growth and outcomes.

Shortform Video questions?
Shortform vs longform video content?

Shortform videos excel in grabbing immediate attention, but long-form videos provide brands a canvas to delve deeper and forge a stronger bond with their audience. Notably, TV has become YouTube's most rapidly expanding platform, witnessing a surge in watch time.

For businesses, long-form content can be instrumental in nurturing trust and fostering brand loyalty. By weaving a story that strikes a chord with the audience, brands can foster a profound emotional connection and position themselves as industry frontrunners.

Yet, with dwindling attention spans, it's crucial to remember that viewers might not stick around for extended content. Brands should craft long-form videos that captivate from the outset, maintaining a coherent storyline and visual allure to retain viewer interest.

Long-form content offers brands the latitude to convey intricate narratives, invaluable for articulating brand ethos or elucidating complex offerings.

Why are short videos more effective?

Short videos typically garner more engagement compared to their lengthier counterparts. As per social media aficionados, sub-15-second videos witness peak engagement on platforms such as Instagram. Thus, brief videos serve as a potent tool to resonate with viewers and elevate brand visibility.

What is an example of a shortform video?

Typical short-form videos can be seen in formats like TikTok clips, Instagram Stories and Reels, YouTube shorts, as well as Snapchat Spotlight and stories.